Leggere Tocqueville da Pechino a Buenos Aires

Suite française 6/2023

DOI: 10.13131/unipi/2611-9757/kfae-vt06

Reading Tocqueville in Argentina

Alejandra M. Salinas - This chapter first highlights the institutional aspects of liberal democracy as present in volume one of Democracy in America.

Reading Tocqueville in Postcommunist democracies

Venelin I. Ganev - The collapse of Marxist dictatorships across Eastern Europe in 1989 set the stage for a process of democratization.

Reading Tocqueville in Chile

Guillermo Pérez - The current political and social crisis in Chile is a contemporary example that demonstrates the validity

Reading Tocqueville in Venezuela

Anthony Petros Spanakos - The works of Alexis de Tocqueville clarify much of the confusion that exists in contemporary analyses of democratization

Reading Tocqueville in Poland

Elżbieta Ciżewska-Martyńska - This essay sheds light on the history of reading Alexis de Tocqueville’s writings among the Polish

Reading Tocqueville in China

Kuangyu Zhao - Introducing on the reception and popularity of Tocqueville’s ideas in China, this paper explores the certain

Tocqueville e la Russia

Marco Zolli - Tocqueville viewed Russia as an important case study of despotism, where absolute power is exerted

Tocqueville et Hollywood

Emmanuel Plasseraud - From the opposition between egalitarian democracy and elitist aristocracy, Tocqueville seems to have anticipated

Tocqueville e i giuristi americani

Mattia Volpi - This study aims to compare the portrayal of American jurists in Tocqueville's Democracy in America with socio-political categories

Tocqueville e il sistema penitenziario

Lucia Re - The essay deals with Alexis de Tocqueville’s writings on the prison system, paying special attention to Le système

Tocqueville e il carattere nazionale

Michela Nacci - This article deals with the idea of national character in the opinion of Tocqueville. It is an intellectual tool that

Tocqueville e la subordinazione delle donne

Anna Guerini - Beginning with some methodological considerations on the status of modern political concepts, the essay

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